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Numero de Cuenta en Zacatecas para hacer depositos de sus proyectos 3×1 desde Estados Unidos

Posted 29 mayo, 2013 by Federación Zacatecana in Recursos
If you belong to a club Zacatecas and you’re doing a 3×1 program project in your community will provide data that NEW ACCOUNT Zacatecas State Finance has opened for this purpose.

Visit the bank branch of your choice anywhere in the United States and requests to send money to Mexico and if possibl e in the comments section of the shipping tab prompts you to enter the name of the project, club and town belonging (This can be a side note in some section of the shipping tab to identify the origin of the deposit.)

  • Beneficiary : Secretaría de Finanzas
  • Bank: Banco Mercantil del Norte S.A. de C.V.
  • Sucursal: Galerías Zacatecas 32001
  • Account:
    Number: 00217620200
    CLABE: 072930002176202003

Once the deposit is necessary to:


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